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Three Misunderstandings Of LED Heat Dissipation

In LED lamps, the quality of heat dissipation is directly related to the quality and life of the product. However, due to hype by some merchants and misleading by so-called experts, some misunderstandings have appeared.

1. Superstitious thermal materials

Because what high-tech materials are used can dissipate the heat. In fact, ordinary aluminum is used for 96MM Wide LED Flood Light Punched Fin Heatsink. After many tests, the temperature of the heat sink is only 3-5 degrees Celsius higher than the bottom of the radiator. In other words, if a material with excellent thermal conductivity can be used, the temperature can be reduced by 3-5 degrees Celsius when the thermal resistance is zero.

2. Superstitious heat pipe

There is no doubt that the heat pipe has a good thermal conductivity. But the heat derived from the heat sink finally needs to be taken away by air convection. If there are no fins for heat dissipation, the heat pipe will quickly reach thermal equilibrium, and the temperature will rise together with the heat sink. And if heat dissipation fins are added to the heat pipe, the fins will eventually be used to dissipate heat. Moreover, the contact point between the fin and the heat pipe is not as good as other methods. The result is that the cost is high, and the 540*85 High Power MOS Photovoltaic Inverter Tube Heatsink effect has not been improved. However, it is still useful for the heat pipe to conduct heat on the integrated LED, but the structure must be reasonable!

3. Superstitious nano-radiation materials

The proportion of radiation heat dissipation can be ignored when the current lamp temperature is about 50 degrees Celsius. However, even if the radiation coating advertised by the manufacturer has a good radiation effect as they advertise, even if it reaches the radiation ability of black body radiation, its heat dissipation ratio is only a few percent. What this means is yet to be considered! Moreover, the coating itself will hinder the export of heat, thereby affecting the convective heat dissipation.

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