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The Application Status And Characteristics Of LED Lighting In Subway Places

The attractive market cake of subway lighting has attracted the attention of many lighting manufacturers. Whether it is Philips, Sanxiong. Aurora and other established lighting companies, or LED companies such as Sony Lighting, Shift Lighting, and Sunpu Optoelectronics, are competing to seize the subway lighting market. Therefore, in order to better interpret subway cheap horse arena lighting, the editor will explore the status and characteristics of subway LED lighting through the status quo of subway LED lighting, the national policy on the transformation of subway lighting LED lamps, the requirements and design requirements of LED lamps in subway places, etc.

#1 The Application Status Of Subway LED Lighting

In 2008, Hong Kong Metro and Jiuzhou Optoelectronics introduced LED light source as the interior lighting of subway carriages for the first time in the world, which opened the prelude to the LED era of subway lighting. In 2011, the relevant state departments issued the “Technical Specifications for LED Lamps for Metro Site Lighting”, which specified the procurement specifications for subway LED lighting lamps and opened the way to standardization for subway high temperature lighting. “Considering the diverse needs of subway lighting, LED is undoubtedly the best choice for subway lighting. It has incomparable advantages over traditional lamps in terms of energy saving, stability, and durability. Moreover, LED’s strong shock resistance is very suitable for subway operations. environment.” A hydropower management engineer in charge of Shenzhen Metro Line 2 told the reporter. “Aiming at the problems existing in the current subway lighting system, LED provides a subway lighting solution with novel structure, long service life, good power saving effect and high reliability.” The person in charge said.

The subway LED lighting market has been opened up. It is understood that the total length of Shenzhen Metro Line 2 is about 33 kilometers, all of which are underground lines, with a total of 29 stations, including 9 transfer stations, and the purchase of LED lamps is about 25,500 sets. The project was undertaken by Shanghai Sansi Technology Development Co., Ltd. The entire lighting system adopts dimming control, which is convenient to use different brightness in different working hours to obtain better energy-saving effect and longer life. According to the reporter’s investigation, at present, there are about 48 subways in China, and 28 cities are building subways at the same time. In the existing domestic subway network, taking Shenzhen Metro as an example, except for Line 2 which uses LED lighting for the whole line, the rest mostly use traditional lighting. The LED market potential for subway lighting is quite huge. In addition, Guangzhou Metro Line 2 Sanyuanli, Railway Station, Yuexiu Park, Memorial Hall, Park Front, Haizhu Square, City Second Palace, Jiangnanxi, Zhongda, Lujiang, Kecun, Modisisha, Xingangdong, Pazhou A total of 14 stations will begin to replace energy-saving LED lamps in public area lighting systems and other fields this year, and the number of retrofitted lamps will be about 18,000 sets

EMC “acclimate”. However, unlike the large-scale commercial promotion models in European and American countries, the LED lighting of subways in mainland China is still a tentative project led by the government, and the commercialization idea is not yet clear, which has caused a great impact on the commercialization of domestic LED projects. troubled. In large-scale LED projects such as subway lighting abroad, the EMC energy contract management model has assumed an important role. Through the new cooperation mechanism of EMC, the subway company does not have to bear the project cost in the early stage of the project, and cooperates with the LED enterprise with “zero cost” investment, while the LED enterprise recovers the investment and gains from the energy-saving benefits obtained during the project implementation process. profit. As an “imported product”, the EMC model has suffered from “acclimatization” in China, and the market promotion situation is difficult to open. An industry insider told reporters: “The reason why the EMC model is difficult to promote in China is that there are still many institutional obstacles in addition to the lack of domestic understanding of it.”

Intelligence is not “intelligence”. In the era of LED applications, the properties of lamps are no longer scattered individuals, but a whole lighting system composed of many LED lamps, and then a variety of control modes are realized by an intelligent management platform. “When the LED luminous efficiency reaches the limit of use, the energy-saving effect is no longer the ultimate benefit appeal of LED lighting. In the future, the competition of LED lighting will be more reflected in the demand for intelligence.” Dr. Xu Chen, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Institute of Standardization, said, “LED determines its future intelligent lighting direction with its parking lot blue lights source characteristics.” However, according to the data of High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII), the penetration rate of LED intelligent lighting in China is still less than 2%.

#2 Policies Encourage The Transformation Of Subway LED Lamps

It is understood that after national policy subsidies spare no effort to popularize the application of LED lighting in public places and indoor fields, LED lighting products are gradually applied in outdoor lighting and indoor lighting. At present, statistics show that in the first quarter of 2013, the bidding for street lamps and tunnel lights in Guangdong Province from January to March 2013 has reached 76,000, while the total amount of bidding for the whole year last year was only 75,000. Moreover, Lu Fang, director of the National Development and Reform Commission’s Project Office for Eliminating Incandescent Lamps, recently pointed out at the China Lighting Forum hosted by the China Lighting Society that the promotion of LED lighting products in 2013 will reach 30 million, covering product categories such as tunnel lights, street lights, downlights, On the basis of spotlights, bulb lights have been added this year.

The Beijing subway department plans to complete the transformation of 100,000 LED lights in 2015. According to the relevant person in charge of the department, the energy consumption of the subway continues to increase, and energy saving and consumption reduction have become an important work content of the Beijing subway department. Since 2005, Beijing Subway has invested 8.5 billion yuan in the transformation of more than 70 equipment systems on two subway lines. Statistics show that last year, the Beijing Subway implemented LED lighting energy-saving pilot projects, replacing a total of nearly 2,000 LED lamps, saving 156,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually. This year, the Beijing Metro Operation Company will expand the promotion of LED green lighting. It is estimated that 20,000 LED lamps will be replaced, and the annual electricity saving will be 1.7 million kWh.

Kingsun Optoelectronics won the bid for Guangzhou Metro Lighting LED Lamp Project with an amount of 5.68 million. Qinshang Optoelectronics (002638) made an announcement on the evening of December 19. On November 21, the company disclosed the “Notice on Pre-winning the Procurement Project of the Cross-Strait Semiconductor Lighting Cooperation Project Guangzhou Metro Demonstration Project”. Recently, the company received the “Notice of Winning the Bid” issued by the bidding agency Guoyi Tendering Co., Ltd., confirming that the consortium of the company and Xuming Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is the procurement project of the “Guangzhou Metro Demonstration Project of Cross-Strait Semiconductor Lighting Cooperation Project” (tender section 2) The bid winning unit, the winning bid price is 5.68303 million yuan.

Unilumin LED lighting products won the bid for Shenzhen Metro Line 3. In recent years, Unilumin Technology Co., Ltd., a leading domestic LED company, has successively won bids for major projects such as Tiananmen Square, Turkmenistan Anniversary Celebration, World Expo, Guangzhou Pazhou Complex, Asian Games and other major projects, and has delivered another good news. The lighting products have successfully won the bid The related lighting projects of Shenzhen Metro Line 3 are full of vitality in continuous innovation and rapid development.

#3 Subway LED Lighting Scheme And Technical Specifications Of LED Lamps

Subway LED lighting design scheme: The use of 1500 watt led stadium lights in subway stations can not only save a lot of electricity bills and a lot of copper cables. And can save a lot of maintenance costs. At the same time, it can also ensure the quality of lighting. Aiming at the problems existing in the current subway lighting system. The invention provides a novel structure and low cost. Long service life, good power saving effect. A highly reliable subway lighting solution.

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