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How Should I Choose Headlights Color Temperature?

  • What does color temperature mean?
  • How to choose the color temperature of headlights?
  • What is the appropriate color temperature for car bulbs?
  • Is there a standard color temperature comparison table?
  • How much color temperature is suitable for low beams?
  • What is the right color temperature for high beams?
  • Does the higher the color temperature value, the brighter the light?
  • Today we will discuss what color temperature is?

It is often seen that when refitting headlights, you will be asked to choose 4300K or 5500K, which is the choice of color temperature.

What is the color temperature of a car light? The number of K mentioned above refers to the color temperature. To put it bluntly, it is the color of the light emitted by the bulb. The higher the color temperature, such as above 4300K, the whiter the light. Does the color temperature affect driving safety?

Color temperature is a unit of measurement that indicates the color content of light. The color temperature is represented by the absolute temperature “K”, that is, a standard black body is heated. When the temperature rises to a certain level, the color temperature begins to change from dark red, light red, orange yellow, white brown, blue brown, and gradient. When a certain light source When it is the same color as the black body, the absolute temperature color of the black body at this time is the color temperature color of the light source. The figure below is a standard color temperature comparison table.

What is the relationship between color temperature and the penetration of headlights? The stronger the penetrability of the headlights, that is, in the rainy and foggy environment, the driver can see farther and see more clearly, so as to avoid danger due to poor vision, and also allow pedestrians on the opposite side or cars on the road to detect early , to prevent accidents. Which color light penetration is stronger? Depends on its color temperature. The higher the color temperature, the lower the ability to penetrate rain and fog.

In particular, it should be noted that the larger the value does not mean the greater the brightness of the light, the brightness of the light has nothing to do with the color temperature, and the color temperature only indicates the color of the light.

The color temperature of LED car lights can be changed by choosing different lamp beads, so it has the most free color temperature. If someone tells you next time that the rain and fog penetrating power of the LED is not good, you should say no loudly, because it is not that the penetrating power of the LED is not good, but that you have not selected the right color temperature!

After understanding the basic knowledge of color temperature, when we choose a car light, how much color temperature should we choose? First, let’s understand the application of color temperature in car lights. The color temperature of the halogen lamp is 3000K, the color is yellow, and the color temperature of the xenon lamp is 4300K or above, and as the color temperature increases, the color gradually turns blue or even pink.

It can be seen from the above picture that if the color temperature is too high, it will appear bluish (higher color temperature will appear purple). The light with this color temperature has extremely poor penetration in foggy weather, so what happens is that you are in the car. You can’t see the road conditions outside, but the drivers or pedestrians on the opposite side are blinded by you. This is very likely to cause safety problems, so when choosing xenon lights, never ignore them just to make your car look cooler. Modify the law and choose products with high color temperature. This is not only for your own safety, but also for the safety of others.

In addition, the higher the color temperature of the xenon lamp, the shorter the service life. The life of the lamp tube of 4300K is 3200 hours, and the life of the lamp tube of 5000K and 6000K is about 2000 hours. This is related to the internal pressure of the xenon lamp. The higher the voltage, the shorter the lifespan, so when choosing the color temperature of the car light, we must pay attention to the balance, not the higher the better.Seeing this, I believe everyone knows the meaning of the color temperature of car lights. When using a car in daily life, in order to consider practicality and relevant regulations, you can choose between 3700K-6000, and you must take into account the geographical and ecological environment of your own lights.

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